The following is an explanation of what you are viewing above. This information is very similar to what you will find in the below video about the Eye Tracker Function.

Eye movement during surgery is impossible to prevent or predict. Video Based Trackers check eye movements only 60 times per second; much slower than the eye moves. The broad beam laser pulse ablates a wide area, often missing areas between pulses, creating a rough corneal surface with “islands”, resulting in decreased visual acuity.

The Allegretto Wave active tracking system addresses these problems as it projects an infrared beam onto the cornea and “locks on” to the pupillary boundary of the eye. The tracker transmits high-speed laser radar signals, continually monitoring eye movements at a phenomenal rate of 200 times per second. While you relax, a small-spot laser beam ablates, or removes tiny amounts of corneal tissue, gently re-shaping the inner surface layer of the cornea to match your vision correction requirement. The overlapping pulses create a smooth corneal surface, giving you optimum visual results.

The Allegretto Wave system, consisting of an infrared laser, a position sensor, and adjusting tracking mirrors, provides exceptional control, precision, and a new level of accuracy in corneal shaping.

Treating a patient with Nystagmus, a congenital disorder causing uncontrolled rapid movements of the eye, was previously almost impossible. With Allegretto Wave’s eye tracker checking the movements at 200 times per second, even this patient can now be treated effectively and accurately. Through the Allegretto Wave advanced computer screen, you can see the patient’s actual eye movement shown in the small video box at the top left. In the larger video box, you can see the tracker as it updates and aligns itself, “locking on” to the exact position of the eye’s pupillary boundary. The innovative combination of the laser radar tracker and the small-spot beam allows the patient to relax and have confidence that they are receiving the best possible care.